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Volunteering at the WAC & Learning Tree School

Why You Will Love It

Volunteer work is a great way to put your existing skills to use and maybe learn some new ones. Combining paid work with family responsibilities is a challenge – this may be a way to give you some work-life balance whilst remaining flexible. 

Most volunteer roles are flexible which can be carried out from home and at times to suit yourself. Our team of volunteers is international, and our working language is English, but it’s not necessary to be a native speaker. 

Volunteering is also a great way to gain new friends and perspectives along with new interests and hobbies, but most importantly – we hope you have a lot of fun in the process.

What You Will Do

Social events

During the year we have several social events that need a team of helpers to decorate, organise crafts and activities, and purchase supplies – for example Halloween, Christmas, The WAC International Day, that celebrates our club’s diversity and our Summer BBQ.


We are always in need of Library volunteers. This can be for as little as half an hour a week.  It involves shelving, checking out books and helping to keep things tidy.  Either bring your children with you, or make use of the time whilst your children are in class.  

Chair positions and Board of Directors

The WAC has a team of dedicated chair positions:

If you’re interested in an even bigger challenge, become an active part of our Board of Directors! It is rewarding to have your say in how the WAC develops. Come and join our diverse team, learn from each other, challenge each other, learn new skills and add them to your CV! Even if you are new to the WAC – with fresh eyes, you quickly see where improvements are needed. 

Board And Chair Benefits

In Recognition Of The Board's And Chair's Commitment The Following Shall Be Made Available At The End Of A Successful Board Year


Yearly membership fee will be fully refunded


A partial refund of the yearly school fees for one child in the Learning Tree school program


Childcare available for younger children, during board and other official meetings at the WAC.

Annual Dinner

Invitation to our yearly board and Chairperson dinner.

The Board of Directors is elected at our Annual General Meeting every year in March, but positions may still be open during the year too.

If you’d like to find out what roles are currently available, please fill out our online volunteer form or contact Membership Chairperson.