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Our Concept

Nurturing Children's Unique Passion For Learning

At the Learning Tree School we are dedicated to fostering a love for learning while nurturing each children’s innate spirit of exploration

Dedicated Experienced Teachers

At the Learning Tree School we strive to create an environment that fosters happy and content children who are stimulated and encouraged to reach their full potential. Our experienced native English-speaking teachers have the best interests of every child at heart. We have been successfully educating young minds for over 25 years! Our low staff turnover provides continuity and stability – some of our teachers have been teaching at the Learning Tree School for over a decade!

Experienced teachers
Safe environment

Safe Environment

We pride ourselves in our school’s environment that is not only fun and family-oriented, but also safe. All our teachers have undergone first aid training courses and participate in refresher courses on a regular basis. The WAC also conducts fire drills and practises evacuation procedures every year.

Stimulating Facilities

 The Learning Tree School offers a variety of classrooms which are all well equipped, providing a friendly and stimulating environment for each age group. 

Younger children will learn English through play, by doing creative crafts and exciting science experiments, playing games in English together, listening to fun stories and singing English songs – all around exciting themes

Older children benefit from a more formal, structured classroom setting.

Our on-site English library has the largest selection of English books for children in the Zurich Oberland, it is a treasure trove for young readers that aims to encourage a love of reading!

Our kitchen provides opportunities to explore culinary experiences, while our clubroom provides space for gross-motor development. 

Our “Spielgruppe” classes offer abstract forms of learning and often enjoy forest experiences. Our sensory-rich garden compliments children’s development. A large tree offers welcoming shade during the summer months and children enjoy playing in the gravel pit with outdoor toys and water.

Community spirit

Community Spirit

Our small and friendly classes enable children to make friends easily and these friendships are maintained as they grow with us over the years. In addition to attending our English classes, children can also join in and celebrate festivals such as International Day, Halloween and Christmas. A World Book Day is held annually too, all of which boost our community spirit!

Family Inclusion

We are committed to the families that we serve. We hold yearly parent/teacher meetings, in which our teachers discuss the progress of each child. 

We also organise a parent evening at the beginning of each school year for parents to meet all teachers and see the classrooms and materials in more detail.

In addition, we recognize important milestones of our children’s development and therefore hold two Graduation ceremonies, celebrating the children´s accomplishments together with their families.

Tailored Classes

All our classes are kept small to maximise learning.

Catering to all levels of English, our classes are tailored to your child’s ability and age, allowing children to seamlessly transition from one level to the next. We offer classes for children between the ages of 2 to 14.

Non-native speakers immerse themselves in English via our ESL program, Preschool, Explorers or the Accelerators classes.

Native English speakers can benefit from our Preschool, Explorers, and Reading & Writing program that spans six levels.

We also offer private tutoring for all levels.