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Our Mission

We Are A Community

The WAC in Uster is a non-profit organisation guided by dedicated volunteers ranging from our Board of Directors to our Chairpersons. We are dedicated to helping expat families settle into their new Swiss lives by giving them a safe space where they can socialise with other English speakers and learn from the experiences of others about the way things are done in Switzerland. We continually expand our extensive range of engaging activities, catering to each family member’s interest.

We know how difficult, stressful and daunting it can be moving house, not to mention moving to a new country and experiencing a new culture.

  • We pride ourselves on being more than a club.
  • We are a community and a family.
  • We are a home away from home for expats and we are accepting of anyone interested in joining our diverse & multicultural community.
Our Story

The WAC Has Been A Second Home For Many People For Over 25 Years

Our story

The Journey

WAC’s journey began as a humble sewing circle in the home of Mrs Mary Lou Mettler.
Very soon after its creation, the small group had grown to become a club extending its arms to offer services beyond its original scope. From children’s playgroups to exercise classes and a cooperative babysitting service, it aimed to ease the transition for expats navigating their new lives.
Following our overwhelming success, we were generously provided with a building known as ‘The Baracks’ by Mary Lou’s husband Mr Ari Mettler, of Mettler-Toledo.
This building quickly transformed into a lively hub, buzzing with expanded activities and offering larger events such as wine tastings and flea markets. It also marked the birthplace of our preschool program and library.

In 1997, the Women’s Activity Club officially registered as a “Verein”. Fast forward to the present day, we have flourished, welcoming over 120 members along with their families from many countries across the globe. The growing presence of Swiss members further enriches our diverse and friendly community.We are a harmonious blend of cultures, welcoming all those who resonate with the process of finding their feet in a foreign country.

In 2022, we celebrated 25 hearty years of being a club  – a testament to our modest beginnings and our unwavering commitment to fostering an international community.

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Join Our English-Speaking Family Club In The Heart Of Zürich Oberland

The WAC stands tall as a home away from home’,
lending comfort and companionship
to families new to Switzerland.