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Reading and Writing Program

Unlock English Literacy Skills

Welcome to our Reading and Writing Program, specially designed for school-age children, spanning six enriching levels. This program hones your child’s English literacy capabilities in an enjoyable yet challenging setting.

Experience classes that are engaging and structured, emphasising comprehension, grammar, spelling competency, reading fluency, and creative writing abilities, utilising resources from both Oxford and Cambridge Reading and Writing programs.

Our classes promote interactivity while maintaining a structured, formal framework. In the higher levels of Reading and Writing, the students have the option to prepare for one of the external Cambridge Exams.

The program caters to children already conversant in English or those with a high level of English fluency. Each child is individually assessed to ensure optimal class placement, considering their age and aptitude.

Our Programs

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Reading and Writing 1

Initiate your child’s reading and writing journey here! This engaging class introduces the letters and sounds, vowel combinations, word blending and writing practice.

Reading and Writing 2

This level advances to more complex words and sentence construction. Children start learning the art of writing texts, visiting the library and completing book reports.

Reading and Writing 3

Geared towards children comfortable with reading and writing complex sentences. Reading fluency and comprehension becomes more focal, teaching children to answer questions and draw conclusions.

Reading and Writing 4

Theme-based writing such as letter composition and creative storytelling become more focal. Grammar rules and spelling also receive special focus throughout this stage.

Reading and Writing 5

This level reinforces reading comprehension while further advancing writing capabilities. Children focus on creative and expository writing skills, reading fluency and poetry.

Reading and Writing 6

Catering to children with advanced reading and writing skills. Here children can prepare for an external Cambridge exam.

Embark on an exciting literacy journey with our Reading and Writing program, unlocking the potential of English language mastery in a conducive learning environment.

Our Team

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Class Description

Days & Time

Wednesday Afternoon:

Reading & Writing 1 13:30 – 14:45

Reading & Writing 2 14:55 – 16:10

Reading & Writing 3 16:15 – 17:30

Reading & Writing 4 14:55 – 16:10

Reading & Writing 5 13:30 – 14:45


School children

Language Skills

native English or excellent grasp of English


Caryn Leuthardt

Carol Conzelmann

Yvonne Bernet

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Start a Free Trial

A free trial class helps determine the best class for your child.